U112021-22 OP U11 Spartans v Hucclecote 3

Old Pats U11 Spartans v Hucclecote U11

By Richard Simpson (Head Coach)

10 October 2021

Bravery, determination and grit

Spartan soldiers valued discipline, obedience and courage. On 10th October, the U11 Old Pats Spartan squad demonstrated that they are aptly named. The team showed a display of bravery, determination and grit, against sizable Hucclecote opponents, that was truly impressive.

In the first half the Spartan’s put up a brave defence against a large and relentless opposition. They put their weeks of training to good use and repeatedly made strong tackles to repel Hucclecote’s strong attacking play.

In the second half the squad’s perseverance paid off as they came into the game more. This resulted in their first try, and with that try a fire was lit that was impossible to extinguish. As the fire grew into a raging inferno the Spartans began to give Hucclecote a run for their money, scoring tries, nailing tackles, and demonstrating the epitome of teamwork.

A great fixture, played in the right spirit.

Onwards to our next fixture!