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The Old Pat’s is an RFU affiliated club and relies on the RFU for the provision of insurance for the club itself, coaches and players. The details of these policies can be found on this link to the RFU Insurance Centre.

We strongly advise all players to review these policies, understand the limits of liability and cover available and consider any additional insurance they may wish to take to cover their personal needs.

It is vital that all players or parents on behalf of junior players inform the coaching / management team of any pre-existing health issues. This is your responsibility and we assure you that the information will be treated appropriately.

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Old Pats

Codes of conduct

Likewise the Old Pat’s abides by the RFU codes of conduct and has an additional set of codes of conduct for players and coaches.

Player codes of conduct

All Players must comply with the following codes of conduct and practice:

  • Recognise and appreciate the efforts made by coaches, parents, match officials and administration in providing the opportunity to play the game and enjoy the rugby environment
  • Always be respectful to match officials, coaches and all parents and spectators
  • Understand the values of loyalty and commitment to your team, age group and club
  • Recognise that every player has a right to expect their involvement in rugby to be safe and free from all types of abuse and bullying
  • Understand that if an individual or group of players feel they are not being treated in a manner that is acceptable, then they should firstly speak with the Team Manager or Head coach for the relevant team
  • Play because you want to do so, not to please coaches or parent
  • Remember that skill development, fun and enjoyment are the most important parts of the game.
  • Train regularly to meet the demands of the game
  • Take responsibility for your own health and fitness
  • Be on time and attentive for all training, coaching sessions and matches
  • Work equally hard for themselves and their team – both will then benefit
  • Recognise good play by all players
  • Be a sportsman – win with dignity, lose with grace
  • Play to the RFU Laws of the game and accept, without question, all referees’ decision even if they appear to make a mistake
  • Control their emotions. Verbal or physical abuse of team mates, opponents, coaches, match officials or spectators is not acceptable
  • Treat all players, as they would like to be treated themselves. Do not interfere with, bully or take advantage of any player
  • Promote the Club positively in all that you do
  • Pay your Membership on time and in accordance with the requirements of the Club
  • Always abide by the laws of the land and RFU regulations when engaged on any form of club activity
  • Any use of social media and all comments regarding the Old Patesians RFC, its coaches, players, supporters and volunteers should at all times be respectful, encouraging and appropriate
  • RFU insurance is provided to member clubs which compensates for serious / life threatening or limiting injury to players, but all players are advised to put in place additional insurance to provide required medical support or income protection.

Coaches codes of conduct

Coaches of players should comply with the following standards and requirements:

  • Comply with the RFU Codes of Practice
  • Recognise the importance of enjoyment and treat all players fairly when coaching
  • Represent the club in a positive manner
  • Recognise that players should never be exposed to extremes of heat, cold or unacceptable risk of injury
  • Ensure the safe and proper supervision of young players, on and off the field
  • Ensure all players are coached in a safe environment, with adequate first aid readily to hand
  • Understand that most learning is achieved through doing
  • Appreciate the needs of the players before the needs of the sport
  • Be a positive role model
  • Keep winning and losing in perspective – encourage players to behave with dignity in all circumstances
  • Respect all referees and the decisions they make, even if they appear to make a mistake and ensure that the players recognise that they must do the same
  • Provide positive verbal feedback in a constructive and encouraging manner to all players, both during coaching sessions and matches
  • Provide rugby experiences that are matched to the players’ ages and abilities, as well as their physical and behavioural development
  • Never allow a player to train or play when injured
  • Ensure good supervision of players, both on and off the field
  • Not to purchase alcohol or tobacco for juniors and to actively discourage the consumption of alcohol, tobacco and unlawful drugs by their junior players
  • Ensure that their knowledge and coaching strategies are up to date and in line with RFU philosophy
  • Be aware of, and abide by, the RFU recommended procedures for taking young people on residential tours at home and abroad
  • Be aware of and abide by the policies and procedures outlined in the Policy and Procedures for the Welfare of Young People in Rugby Union
  • Coach to the rules laid down in the Rugby Continuum and be fully conversant with the laws that are relevant to the age group being coached
  • Display good organisational and time keeping skills
  • Abide by the laws of the land and the RFU regulations
  • Any use of social media and all comments regarding the Old Patesians RFC, its coaches, players, supporters and volunteers should at all times be respectful, encouraging and appropriate

Old Pats

Rugby Safe

RugbySafe, supported by Simplyhealth, is the RFU’s overarching player safety and wellbeing programme, putting player welfare at the heart of the game and covering how the game should be organised and managed to ensure that rugby is played in a safe and enjoyable environment.

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