Silent Auction Instructions

The Silent Auction is live now and will close for bids at 9pm on Saturday.

You can access the auction by either scanning the QR code below or entering into your browser

Browse the lots. Each lot has a minimum bid (or reserve) and a guide price. The guide price is an estimate of the sort of level that the item typically reaches but is not guaranteed.

To make a bid, you will have to register your details.

IMPORTANT: You will need a table number. If you are attending the event, find out your table number on the night. If you are not attending, just enter 0.

As a security measure, once you are registered you will receive a confirmatory text with a code to confirm it is you.

On each item, you will find an Info button which will give you all the details about the lot.

Place your MAXIMUM bid into the box on the item(s) you are interested in and press “Place Bid”. All bids MUST be above the minimum bid to be counted.

You will know if your bid has been accepted if your bid remains in the box.

You can bid on more than one item.

If you are the highest bidder above the reserve at the end of the auction you will win and someone will be in touch to take payment and bring you your item. Payments can be made by card or cash.

Silent Auction Bar Code

Final Table Plan

Table #Table NameGuests|Table #Table NameGuests|Table #Table NameGuests|Table #Table NameGuests
1 CapeCape p|2ArmstrongArmstrong |3FletcherFletcher p|4Hamilton U13Hamilton p
Cape p|Armstrong |Fletcher p|Hamilton p
Moylan P|Hale p|Balisario-Parry p|Borthwick p
Moylan P|Hale p|Wilkey p|Borthwick p V
Vintcent P|Jones|Wilkey p|Parry p
Vintcent P|Jones|Rea p|Parry p
Calvert p|Unsworth p|Rea p|Williams P
Calvert p|Unsworth p|8|Williams P
9 |Watkins p|9|Taylor P
10 |Watkins p|10|Taylor P
5James Luxton1|6MorrisMorris p|7Chris Young U11Young p|8Carslake U10Carslake p V
2|Morris p|Young p|Mellor p
3|Lawrenson p|Katesmark p|McCaffrey-Endsor p
4|Lawrenson p|Katesmark p|Endsor p
5|Adamson p|Corris p|Charles P
6|Adamson p|Corris p|Charles P
7|Chavasse p|Speller p|Hutchinson P
8|Chavasse p|Flo p|Hutchinson P
9|Wallwork p|9 p|Hunt P V
10|Constable p|10 p|Hunt P
9Doug Hughes U11Hughes p|10Oli Bowden (U10)Bowden p|11Newport-Black (U10)Newport-Black p|12Adam Rye (U16)Rye p
Hughes p|Constantine p|1 x Vegetarian Newport-Black p|Rye p
Angyelof p|Radford p|Millin p|Handley p
Angyelof p|Radford p|Millin p|Handley p
Brewster p|Thomas p|J Winson P V|Anstey P
Brewster p|Thomas p|J Winson P|Anstey P
Moule p|Phillimore p|Livesey P|Shaw P
Moule p|Phillimore p|Livesey P|Shaw P
Jones p|Hewitt-Dyke p|Rogerson P |9
Jones p|Hewitt-Dyke p|Rogerson P|10
13Olli Williams (U9)Williams p|14Joanna More (U10)More p|15Anna Maitre (U10)Maitre p|16James Godden (Colts)Godden p
Williams p|More p|Mason p|Godden p
Parry p|King p|Chandler p|Milne p
Coller p|King p|Wilkinson p|Milne p
Sutton p|Lucas p|Ho p|Lewis P
Sutton p|Lucas p|Shepherd p|Lewis P
Stickland p|Mansell-King p|Steer p|Train
Stickland p|Mansell-King p|Price p|Train
Alistair p|Wooddisse p|Constantine p|Rui
Shannon p|Case p|Morris p|Elison p
Elison p
17Ian O'Gorman (U9)O'Gorman p|18Chris Woodward (U15)Woodward p|
O'Gorman p|Woodward p|
Maclay p|Le Roux P|
Maclay p|Le Roux P|
Caldarone P|Smith P|
Caldarone P|Smith P|
Roberts P|Moore P|
Roberts P|Flannigan P|
Wiggins P|McBane P|
Wiggins P|McBane P|1